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10-day Canary Islands tour

Yoga Flamenco Spanish Language and Wine

Yoga on Canary Islands

+ Tibetan bowls healing

10-day Canary Islands tour includes:


  • Transfer from/to the airport

  • Hotel accommodation to choose from (see below 2 accommodation facilities that we have carefully selected for you)


  • 3 healthy meals per day 

  • 24-hour support during the tour


  • Daily flamenco lessons with a famous Spanish choreographer

  • 10-day course Certificate

  • Performance with other Spanish dancers the last night before departure


  • Daily yoga and meditation classes

  • Sound vibration therapy with Tibetan bowls

  • Gong bath

  • Aqua aerobics in the pool        

  • Spanish lessons - entry level sufficient to maintain a simple conversation with the Spanish speakers

  • Visit to one of the most popular wineries on the island with a tasting of Spanish wines, honey and cheese

  • Excursions on the island

    Not Included: 

  -  Flight to Tenerife island

2 types of accommodation to choose
Peaceful stay in cozy houses surrounded by nature 

Active vacations in a luxury hotel near the ocean

Teachers and therapists during the tour 
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Yoga teacher and Reiki master certified in India by Indian masters and in Spain (Certification Yoga Alliance), a massage therapist certified in Thailand, India, Bali, and Spain. Specialist in tantra yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa, prenatal and postnatal yoga, Yin Yoga, Chinese medicine and fascia.

My goal is to teach and share the practice of this healing and spiritual discipline with many benefits for the body, mind, and soul. I have a deep desire to help, heal people and improve their quality of life through my hands, my teachings and my heart, doing this with love, devotion, and compassion. I visit India (Mysore) every year for at least one month to improve my knowledge and practice of yoga with my master.



Graduated in the field of sound therapy treatment with Tibetan singing bowls and Gong bath. The sound of Tibetan bowls helps to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Miguel explains that the musicians do not quite understand how the bowls are made, as some of them have musical scales of all shades.

“Metal alloys had to go through a special process that modern technology is not yet capable of reproducing,” he says. Miguel claims that the universe vibrates, and therefore every cell and organ of our body also does this continuously with a certain frequency. He explains that sound regulates a person’s vibration at the same frequency that the bowl emits, that is, they both begin to vibrate simultaneously, balance the energy body and chakras (energy centers) and cleanse the auric field.



Yolanda is a national reference in flamenco art, dancer and choreographer with an outstanding professional career with companies such as Antonio Gades and Riverdance. Flamenco dancers from around the world come to the island of Tenerife to take flamenco lessons from Yolanda.

Yolanda conquered the world of flamenco, starting her studies at the Spanish Dance Academy named after M. Armengu (Santander) and at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance of Cordoba. Her studies continued at the Spanish National Ballet School under the guidance of teachers such as Victoria Eugenia, Juan Taft and Aurora Pons. During her long career, she was a member of such representative groups as the ballet Antonio Gades, the Spanish ballet Rafael Aguilar, the troupe of Manuela Vargas, the ballet Jose Greco and the troupe Cristina Hoyos.


Acupuntura Tenerife.jpg

Specialized treatments for pain, sports injuries, menstrual problems / fertility and pregnancy support. Studying in both China and the UK, Richard has extensive clinical experience with Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, and acupressure massage (Tuin). His treatment style is based on an integrated approach that takes into account your overall health, including any Western medical diagnoses and procedures that you may undergo. He also seeks to give you the opportunity to better realize your health and well-being through diet, breathing, meditation and lifestyle tips, helping your body, emotions and mind to find a natural state of harmony and balance. As a member of the Grupo Medicina Traditional Chinese Register of Practitioners (PR), and the European Foundation for Traditional Medicine of China (FEMTC), the main regulatory authorities of traditional Chinese medicine in Spain, Richard adheres to the highest standards of clinical practice and ethical behavior. Before moving to Spain, Richard had a successful practice in North and East London since 2005. He previously lived in Beijing, where he studied at Siyuan Hospital and the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, receiving a bachelor's degree in medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Richard also has a bachelor's degree (with honors) in traditional Chinese medicine from the University of Middlesex, where some of the most experienced Chinese practitioners in the UK study.