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New wake park in the South of Spain.

320 sunny days per year  

average yearly 

temperature +20°C

More than 12 obstacles perfect for beginner wakeboarders so as for PRO. 

Unlimited wake

7 days of unlimited use of the wake park, for beginners the equipment is provided, the opportunity to train with an instructor.

Equipment for PRO wakeboarders can be rented in the park.

Wake Park is equipped with the industry’s most innovative cable system technology, which allows offering the visitors the most streamlined and dynamic wakeboarding experience across the country. Fleet cable system technology was created by WakeParX GmbH, a leader in innovation, design and maintenance of cable systems. The technology allows 8 wakeboarders to use a track 600 meters long simultaneously.

The innovations introduced by WakeParX also improve control over cable tension and force. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to existing cable fleet solutions guaranteeing the visitors first-class access to the latest cable technology.

Obstacles are provided by Austrian obstacle technology provider Shape Obstacles GmbH. Using state-of-the-art 3D CAD software and high-quality HDPE plastic, Shape Obstacles products ensure a smooth ride. Currently, the wake park is equipped with more than 12 obstacles of various sizes, which the park team regularly changes to provide new tasks for even the most frequent visitors.

DURATION: 8 days/ 7 nights

* Accommodation by the sea in a hotel or a Spanish villa

* 3 meals a day

* Transfer from/to the airport & from the place of residence to the park

* Tours in the region are additionally discussed according to the wishes of the group

Price: €770 
DURATION: 7 days / 6 nights
* Accommodation near the sea
* 3 meals per day
* Transfer
* 2 full days of unlimited use of the wake park
* All day rental of surf equipment or kitesurf (this tour includes the rental of equipment for independent use, but can be also provided courses of primary, intermediate and advanced levels)
* All day rental of kayaking and paddle surf equipment (briefing will be given before going to the sea, if you need to undergo preliminary training, please inform us in advance)
* 2-hour rental of a small boat for independent access to the sea, the opportunity to see dolphins, dive in the open sea (depending on the wishes of the group, you can rent a boat which does not require driving license or previous boat driving experience or you can rent a yacht with a captain. There is also a possibility to take a yacht driving course with the subsequent obtaining of international driving license)
* 2 hours rent of windsurfing equipment (this tour includes the rental of equipment for independent use, but can be also provided courses of primary, intermediate and advanced levels)
Price: €830
Water Extreme Mix
Spend a week full of extreme sports and unforgettable experiences in the South of Spain.
A variety of water sports in one package.
DURATION: 5 days / 4 nights  
* Transfer from/to the airport
* Accommodation at the hotel with breakfast 2 nights
* Overnight on a yacht with the possibility of cooking on a yacht or ordering from a restaurant for 2 nights (these options are discussed before departure, depending on the wishes of the group)
* All day water skiing
* All day use of aquaglide
* 2 hours kayaking
* 2 hours paddle surfing
 ** On the first day of the tour, the information will be provided on various activities in the ports where our yacht will enter and we can add them on depending on your wishes and preferences. 
Price: € 550

Wake + Cruise weekend on the Mediterranean Sea entering in the nearest ports.

From Friday evening to Sunday evening we travel on a small private yacht with a capacity of 10 people.

We enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal zone, dive and swim with dolphins, have a picnic on the island, also it is possible to organize tourist fishing.