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DURATION: 10 days
* Hotel stay 4 ****
* Full board meals
* SPA Thermal Pools
* Thermal jets
* Thermal baths
* Relaxation procedure in water
* Circular shower
* Steam room
* Balnea Zone
SPA Thermal Pools are two spacious pools with thermal water, both indoor and outdoor, where you can take relaxing water treatments, enjoy a jacuzzi, hydromassage, thermal cascades and currents surrounded by mountains and greenery of eucalyptus trees.
Balnea zone - this zone will open up the opportunity for you to spend time in the relaxing atmosphere of the spa center with saunas of various temperatures and humidity, exclusive pools with natural essences, massages, and various face and body skincare treatments.
Thermal baths - baths with medicinal mineral water in individual baths for 15 minutes. In the form of a hydromassage, water is saturated with air bubbles. The water temperature is from 37 ° C to 39 ° C. It has a vasodilating, relaxing and calming effect on the body.
Thermal jets - a jet of water under pressure directed to the body in a certain way. This technique achieves relaxation of all the muscles of the body and general stimulation of the body.
Relax in water (Eastern method) - a technique of passive movement in a pool with water with a high salt content (100 g / l): which makes it easy to stay on the water. During this procedure, the presence of a therapist is necessary. Acting on the muscle groups of the back and limbs, this technique allows you to achieve both psychological and physical relaxation. A balance is reached between spirit and body.
Price: €1300
10-day relaxation tour
It is time to take care of a healthy body and healthy mind, forget about routine and immerse yourself in healing thermal water. The healing mineral water of this balneological center is classified as water saturated with hydrogen sulfide, sulfates, chlorides, sodium, and calcium. It is born in the mountains at a temperature of 52.5 ° C and is underground for 15,000 years.
DURATION: 8 days / 7 nights

* Transfer from/to the airport

* 8 days accommodation in apartments by the sea

* 1 Body peeling with salt microcrystals and aromatic essential oils 

* 1 Wrap for seaweed detoxification in hot water

* 1 hand relaxing shower

* 1 Ultrasonic face hygiene (includes hair removal from the upper lip and facial massage)

* 1 semi-permanent manicure

* 1 Lash lift (procedure for increasing the natural curvature of the eyelashes)

* 1 full body massage with HOT STONES or BAMBOO

* 1 Facial treatment using the exclusive INDIBA DEEP BEAUTY method.

Price: €600

Wellness and Beauty Package
This mud is famous for its healing effects and properties to look after the body, the mud composition provides an undeniable result to those who apply it to the skin. An ideal complement is swimming in the mineralized waters of Mar Menor.
DURATION: 10 days / 9 nights
* Hotel accommodation 4 ****
* 3 meals per day
* Procedures are selected by a cosmetologist depending on the wishes of the client
The following procedures are recommended:
- Beauty Oxigeno (these procedures reduce the signs of skin aging, giving the skin freshness)
- Beauty Colageno (Anti-aging treatments for any skin type, give the skin elasticity and firmness)
- Diamond Experience - Skin like a movie star (Combines a modern anti-aging facial treatment and body care using microgranules to smooth the skin. It restores and tones up, as well as activates the work of cells in the deeper layers of the skin)
Price: €1650
Rejuvenation package
Take care of your skin with healing mineral water in a balneological center. Water is enriched with negative ions, allowing the body to relax and rest, which is necessary for the skin to breathe in order to resist aging.
DURATION: 7 nights and more
* 7 nights hotel accommodation 4 ****
* Full board meals (special diet)
* Nutritionist consultation
* Initial and final measurements of body weight
* Daily diet plan
* Program of procedures prescribed by a doctor (minimum 3 procedures per day)
* Hiking with a trainer
* Free entry to SPA Thermal Pools
* Walking with a trainer
* Water aerobics
Price: €1735 
Weight loss program
Lose weight under the supervision of specialists in a balneological center surrounded by mountains and a warm climate in Southern Spain. The properties of the healing mineral water of this center make it an excellent natural remedy both for treating physical ailments and for restoring and maintaining the body in good condition.
DURATION: 7 days / 6 nights
* 7 days of hotel accommodation 4 ****
* Individual diet plan
* Medical consultation
* Steam room
* 1 Archena massage
* 1 lymphatic drainage massage
* 2 Entrance to the Balnea Zone
* Free entry to SPA Thermal Pools
* Vitrus C Citrus Bath
* Thermal jet procedure
* Thermal bath procedure
Price: €1050
** Prices per person for double occupancy in the room, VAT is included. Children stay free from 0 to 2 years when placed in a cradle. Children 0-11 years old stay free with a 50% discount on diet, in a room with adults. For children from 3 to 11 years old there is a mini club for children.
Detox program
In the health complex in the South of Spain. The thermal waters of this center will also help you to improve your physical and psychological state due to its therapeutic properties.