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Gong bath, shiva yoga, acroyoga - best way to start New Year 2020

7 yoga teachers
7 stunning days
On the shore of 2 seas      
Last minute deal

Detox yoga

Kundalini yoga

Power yoga

Yin yoga

YUG yoga



Spanish cuisine workshops

Paella cooking class

Thai massage

Vegetarian food

Campfire songs with guitar

Laughter therapy


Art therapy


Tour includes: Accommodation, 3 meals per day, transfer, and also...

Gong bath

How to get there?
- We meet you at the Alicante airport
- On the shore of two seas
Tour venue?
- Ideal :)
- At the tour venue together with other participants or choose any of offered villas/ apartments

Option 1

Option 2


Option 3

*31.12.2019 - 06.01.2020
*You can stay longer
You can start tour any date in the period
from 31.12 to 06.01
- Vegetarian meals 3 times per day

How it was last year

The best way to start the New Year 2020 is to have dinner with new friends from different countries of Europe, a night gong bath and breakfast, watching the sunrise on the porch by the sandy beach. Allow yourself to receive the healing sound of 6 gongs, which directly affects your body for 7.5 hours. As a result, you will experience deep relaxation, while the sound harmonizes, balances and restores your nervous system, reducing stress, stimulating blood circulation, eliminating the limiting thoughts that block us, and promoting natural self-healing and self-rejuvenation.


Join acroyoga master classes, massages, meditations, art therapies, yoga classes, cook giant paella, ecstatic dance and more. All this, enjoying the sun and the beach, will fill you with positive energy with the sunrises and sunsets of your dreams.

** This tour lasts 7 days, from December 31 to January 6. If other dates are suitable for you and/or you want to add/change something on this tour, contact us and we will let you know what options we can offer you. The nearest airport is Alicante.


Our yoga classes will include:

- Preparatory exercises

- Pranayama to control your breathing

- Asanas to master your body

- Rest to prepare for meditation

- Meditation to relax your mind

- Final exercises to energize your body and mind


Available additional events near the location

- Cooking Spanish Paella

- Baking bread

- Cooking other vegetarian Spanish food

- Dances for all levels (flamenco, bachata, salsa, merengue, ...)

- Diving

- Learning Apnea Techniques

- Beaches of Murcia (swimming, walking, picnic, meditation ...)

- Visit a local vegetable farm

December 31: Gong Bath - Duration 7.5 hours, which consists of 10 45-minute continuous sessions. Even if the physical body falls asleep, the consciousness will remain awake throughout the ceremony. It is in this state of conscious reverie, between wakefulness and sleep, where you can access the deepest and subconscious levels of your mind, it helps to expand consciousness, arouse intuition, realize the true purpose of life and connect with the true Being. Gong bath is a meditative Holy Ceremony of harmonization, energizing and consciousness, in which Gongs maintain their sound without interruption for seven and a half hours. During the gong bath you usually sleep, you can also take a meditative posture. One way or another, vibration acts on our bodies. The effect of the gong bath will continue in our bodies for several days, and energy work will continue throughout the lunar cycle (28 days).

A cycle of deep practices aimed at expanding consciousness, activating a multidimensional light body, the ability to decipher the messages of the Universe, and conduct its high-frequency vibrations. At the end of the session, you will feel complete relaxation, calming the mind and release from stress. Gong vibrations relax not only the body, but also the mind - it is a wonderful method of healing from depression, negative thoughts, and low immunity. Start the New Year with taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health.