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Daily yoga classes with a certified specialist in hatha yoga, tantra yoga, vinyasa, prenatal and postnatal yoga, Chinese medicine and fascia. In the morning we will be charged with energy, put our thoughts in order, with the help of Hatha Yoga asanas, to improve mobility and flexibility, increase strength and endurance. The main goal of pranayama is to establish control over disordered in brain thoughts.


* Note: The ability to focus on a certain type of yoga, depending on the wishes of the group.

Read more about the teacher here.​


2 sessions are included in the package price, optionally can be ordered additionally. Miguel claims that the vibrations created by the bowls can dissolve blockages in cases of muscle contractures and other bone problems. They also help in cases of osteoarthritis, circulatory problems, kidney stones, depression, neuronal problems, and other multiple diseases.

According to Miguel, quartz bowls cause a state of deep relaxation, and gongs stimulate self-healing processes, soften stress, fatigue and a feeling of separation. By lowering our stress level, it also makes progressive changes to our minds, making us feel better and our surroundings. Use of Tibetan bowls, contributes to the balance of systems, expansion of consciousness, regulates the nervous system (soothes anxiety and helps in cases of stress).

It activates the circulation of energy, promotes self-healing, stimulates the manifestation of "stagnant" emotions, promotes the development of concentration, and also leads us to relaxation and peace of mind.

Vibration Bowls Treatment

Daily flamenco classes with an outstanding Spanish choreographer. At the end of the course, a certificate of training in the Spanish flamenco school is issued according to the accelerated program. On the last night of arrival, at the request of the group, a performance together with Spanish choreographers and dancers. Read more about the teacher here.


Learning foreign languages ​​is always useful as it makes you smarter overall, increases your mental focus, reading and writing abilities, and helps you to understand the interlocutor when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, whereas you know it is not always easy to find local residents who speak English. During this trip, you will learn the basics of the Spanish language easy way and will be able to communicate with the Spaniards at the initial level.


Those wishing to continue learning Spanish at the end of the tour can study by Skype.

Spanish language
The excursion includes: Screening of a documentary entitled “The History and Evolution of Tenerife Wines,” lasting 2 and 7 minutes. Visiting the Island Wine and Wine Museum of Tenerife. Visit the House of Honey. Visiting the exhibition "Tenerife, Island of Diversity of Agriculture".
Tasting of wine, cheese, honey, and nuts is served and consulted by specialists, a walk through the terraces and gardens of the complex overlooking the Teide National Park, the Orotava Valley and the northern coast of the island. There will be an opportunity to purchase wines with the origin from various places on the island of Tenerife choosing from the most complete offer on the island.
You can buy a souvenir or a gift in a souvenir shop of objects related to the world of enology and viticulture, as well as the history, gastronomy, folklore, and traditions of the island. Honey, mojos, cheeses, jams, liquors, pastries and much more.
Spanish Wine Tasting
Visit a restaurant serving homemade Spanish cuisine. The restaurant specializes in traditional and creative Canarian dishes, which use the best products of the market, and offers a generous and original menu, enjoying an exceptional atmosphere in a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant's philosophy is based on the implementation of a new concept based on gastronomic experience that takes into account the roots of Canarian cuisine with traditional and creative suggestions. In the restaurant, as well as in the Taska area and on the terrace, you can enjoy the best Tenerife wines with more than 35 names and 15 varieties.
Gastronomy of the Canary Islands
We will also visit the popular Spanish Mercadillo - a street market set up outdoors on the Adeje coast. This is the place where you will find many products produced on this island. Visiting such a market is a very interesting and popular pastime among tourists. We will find a wide variety of offers at very affordable prices, you can buy souvenirs or just have a great time and try the typical products of the island of Tenerife grown by local farmers.